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SCRN Beginings

Ever wonder where the amazing logos used by Space City Raider Nation come from? That would be the brainchild of our President and founder, Israel Rodriguez better known as “Raideriguez” or “IZ”. Israel came to Houston from Plainview, Texas in 2005. Being a life-long fan, he was eager to find other Raider fans in Houston. He didn’t have much luck and was shocked that the nation’s 4th largest city did not have a booster club. So, he decided to create his own club with the help of a couple other friends that he met at a local bar. It’s at this time that Israel named the group after Houston’s nickname “Space City” to represent NASA’s connection to the city. Incorporating the Raiders, space, astronauts, and the beauty of the city’s skyline, Israel has created our current logo as well as many other designs that are used to represent our club and city. Our President has also written to the Raiders fan club department to get our club officially recognized by the Oakland Raiders. All of this is to represent our Raider Nation and show our love for the city we live in by volunteering and giving back to the community we live in.

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